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Covid Antibody IGG
(44 Parameters)

₹1700   ₹549

Discount 68%

This ICMR (Govt. agency) approved blood test helps detect presence of Antibodies against COVID-19 infection. This test should NOT be used for the diagnosis or detection for COVID-19 and should ONLY be used to detect presence of Antibodies against the COVID-19 infection.If you test positive, it means you have been exposed to virus sometime back with or without your knowledge and now your body has developed antibodies to fight the infection.If you test negative, it means that you have not come in exposure to virus so far. This is just like a routine blood test (no swab collection). Doctor prescription is NOT required for this test.Also, fasting is NOT required. Any healthy individual can take this test who doesn't have Covid symptoms or hasn't come in contact with covid affected patient in last 14 days. If you have Covid-19 related symptoms then we recommend you to NOT take this test and you must consult your Doctor instead.

Preliminary Health Checkup
(44 Parameters)

₹1490   ₹599

Discount 59.8%

CBC (20)
Total Cholestrol
Urine Complete Analysis (21)

Basic Health Checkup
(47 Parameters)

₹1990   ₹849

Discount 60%

CBC (20)
Blood Sugar (1)-FBS
Lipid Profile (7)
Liver Function Test (11)
Kidney Function Test (8)

Advanced Full Body Checkup
(70 Parameters)

₹2550   ₹899

Discount 66.7%

CBC (20)
Diabetic Screening (1)
Lipid Profile (7)
Liver Function Test (11)
Kidney Function Basic (7)
Thyroid Function Test (3)
Urine Complete Analysis (21)

Comprehensive Full Body Checkup with Vitamin D & B12
(79 Parameters)

₹4190   ₹1299

Discount 65%

CBC (20)
Lipid Profile (7)
Liver Function Test (11)
Kidney Function Test (7)
Urine Complete Analysis (21),
Iron Profile (4)
Vitamin D & B12

Delivering quality,
assurance and safety

We at PharmEasy are committed to look after your safety and well-being before delivering you our services. Here's a glimpse of what we do.

medlife covid19 safety lab

PharmEasy possess some of the world's most complicated machines which automate the blood checking process. Meaning minimal touching of blood vials by human hands. Safety procedures here are:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times + It’s daily sanitization.

Social distance 2-meter

Mandatory social distance of 2 meter between lab technicians

decontamination of phlebetomy room

Mandatory decontamination of phlebetomy room after each sample collection.


Periodic decontamination / sanitization of all surfaces.

Before Collection

Daily Temperature Checks

All our phlebotomists, it's a medical fancy word for people trained to draw blood, undergo mandatory temperature checks before they enter and exit the workplace.

Daily Temprature Daily Temprature
Customer Inquiry Customer Inquiry

Customer Inquiry

Our Phlebotomists call and check with customers regarding the presence of COVID-19/Flu cases in the family or neighbourhood before visiting. And take precautions accordingly.

Mandatory Hand Sanitization

Our Phlebotomists are required to sanitize their hands before and after every visit. As a safety precaution they sanitize their hands after every third party touch.

Hand Sanitization Hand Sanitization
Change Of Gloves Change Of Gloves

Mandatory Change Of Gloves

After every collection our Phlebotomists are required to change their gloves and wear new ones.

During Collection

Request Customers to Wear Masks

Blood collection requires the phlebotomist to be very close to the customer. That is why we request customers to wear masks.

Customers to Wear Masks Customers to Wear Masks
Blood Collection in Isolation Blood Collection in Isolation

Blood Collection in Isolation

To prevent the risk of infection our phlebotomists make sure that other members of the family have shifted to another room before they start drawing blood.

Sterilization and Sanitization

The phlebotomists are trained to use only sterilised/fresh needles and wear new gloves before touching the customer.

Sterilization and Sanitization Sterilization and Sanitization

Post Work Precautions

Maintaining Personal Hygiene Maintaining Personal Hygiene

Maintaining Personal Hygiene

Our phlebotomists make sure that they maintain safety at their homes as well. This includes having bath twice a day, washing clothes worn everyday to kill the virus along with other regular safety practices.